Compact, Lightweight Mini-Jet Saves Contractor Time, Trouble & Money

JM100028in_use29“The compact size makes it great for one-man operation – and it’s perfect for much of the work I do!”

That’s Craig Casteen on the compact, lightweight JM-1000 Mini-Jet™ from General Pipe Cleaners.

Owner of Casteen Plumbing & Repair in rural Rose Hill, NC, Casteen can find himself in some pretty tight spots.

“There are lots of crawl spaces beneath homes in this part of North Carolina,” he said. “And I’m often under someone’s house – by myself – doing plumbing and drain cleaning work.”

Inside jobs aren’t any less spacious, either. “I clear lots of kitchen clogs – and do contract service work on apartments,” Casteen added. “So I can get into even tighter spots!”

Compact Water Jet Provides The Solution

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General Pipe Cleaners Equipment Helps Leading Drain Cleaning Pro Maintain Market Dominance


Q: What happens when Philadelphia plumbers need drain cleaning tools and talent?

A: They call Michael Williams at Just Drains LLC.SpeedRooterXL

A third-generation drain cleaning pro, Williams built a unique business model around subcontracting drain cleaning services to over 350 regional plumbers.

“The US drain cleaning industry is humongous,” he notes. “but not every plumber has the tools, or wealth of knowledge, to clear clogs properly. That’s where we come in.”

The right tools and talent made Just Drains, Williams declares with palpable pride, “the number one drain cleaning company in Philadelphia.”

With six expert crews, Just Drains serves southeastern Pennsylvania, from the Delaware River to Harrisburg, Pa., a sizable swath of territory. So equipment reliability, Williams insists, remains critical.

That’s why Michael Williams trusts General Pipe Cleaners to maintain his robust reputation.

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How to Clear Small Lines Without a Snake

GPC Water Ram





Plumber Magazine asked General Pipe Cleaners’ Marty Silverman how to use General’s Kinetic Water Ram™ at the the 2016 WWETT Show.

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General Speedrooter™ Saves Thousands of Dollars and Makes Maintenance Man a Hero

SpeedrooterForBlogTen-thousand dollars! That’s what a national drain cleaning franchise wanted to repair recurring clogs in a 37-year-old Oberlin, Ohio, apartment complex.

“They claimed they had to bust up the first floor laundry room concrete and hallway to replace the pipe and fix the problem permanently,” maintenance staffer Gary Schakel recalls. “But, I had other ideas.”

The “other idea” meant trying the building’s new Speedrooter 92™ power drain cleaner first. “I had used the Speedrooter at my previous position,” Schakel adds, “And I knew it could do the job.”

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6 Tips for “Spring Cleaning” Your Drain Cleaning Equipment

Now is the perfect time to give your drain cleaning equipment a once- (or twice-) over to make sure it’s all in good working order.

Regular preventative maintenance should be performed to prevent problems. Here is a general maintenance checklist for your equipment:
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Getting the Picture

Two car garage interiorRemember when small camera systems were a novelty and only the biggest contractors in town had them? No more. Just check the phone book. Nearly every drain cleaning specialist advertises a camera system. And more and more plumbing contractors have video inspection capabilities, too.

As with computers and other consumer electronics, technical progress has enhanced the value, reliability and performance of video inspection systems. Steady advances have only made equipment cheaper, better and more convenient.

Inspection jobs and push cameras are not all created equal. Here are eight essential points to consider when choosing a camera system:

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Gen-Eye Saves Landlord Big Bucks

Two car garage interior

It all started with a clogged sewer line at a Tulsa, Okla., residential property. The frantic renter immediately called a local plumber, who demanded $1,500 to dig-up and repair the problem.

But the landlord had other ideas and, instead contacted Chris Wade, owner of Precision Plumbing.

For 20 years, Precision has  guarded an outstanding reputation for professionalism, dependability and honesty throughout Tulsa’s metro area.

“We’re not fly-by-night, ‘school house’ plumbers,” Wade says.“We get 100 percent of our business by word-of-mouth. So, our six crews always make superior service and customer satisfaction our priorities.”

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General’s Mini-Rooter XP™ Is Drain Cleaning Pro’s Friend On Toughest Jobs

“That machine is my friend, and I go nowhere without my friend!”

That’s Jeff Wall on the Mini-Rooter XP™ – his favorite drain cleaning machine.

“I’ve had it everywhere – on rooftops, in basements, in crawl spaces and in yards,” he laughs. “I’ve taken it apart, transported it in sections and reassembled it in really tight spots. it always works the way I do – hard and creatively!”

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An Easier Way to Clear Clogged Sinks, Tubs and Laundry Drains

Q. We’ve had the same handheld power drain cleaner for 20 years and it still keeps working, but my arms get tired from holding the machine. Is there an easier way to clear clogs in small drains?

A. You’ve got a tough little machine  that was great in its day. But now there are counter top models that are a lot easier on the body than the old handheld drain cleaning machines.

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Seven Tips for Approaching Safety Like a Sea Captain

Two car garage interior

Here’s an interesting safety tip courtesy of an unexpected source: actor, Tom Hanks.

Hanks was recently interviewed about his role in “Captain Phillips,” the true story of a kidnapped sea captain. He recalled what he learned from the real Captain Phillips.

“He begins and ends his day with a walk-around of the entire ship. You’d be amazed how often a bolt is not in place or something isn’t lashed down. The next thing you know, you can lose half your cargo,” Hanks said.

Try doing a daily walk-through of your own workplace or area. Check your drain cleaning machines, and other tools, for the following key safety items:

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