Highlights from the 2017 ARA Rental Show






At this year’s ARA Rental Show in Orlando, industry professionals stopped by to visit the Drain Brains and talk about why they love their products from General Pipe Cleaners. Businesses praised General’s products for their toughness, ease of use and simple maintenance, including E-Z Rental Center Inc. in Carbondale Ill., who have trusted General Pipe Cleaners products for more than 50 years.

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Highlights from the 2017 WWETT Show


While exhibiting at the 2017 Water Wastewater Equipment Treatment and Transport Show in Indianapolis, the Drain Brains had the opportunity to catch up with drain cleaning professionals from across the country who all swear by General’s products.

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WWETT Jets: A Closer Look at General’s Jet-Set Water Jet Drain Cleaners







At the Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport Show, the world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals, General Pipe Cleaners’ Marty Silverman spoke with COLE Publishing about its line of Jet-Set water jet drain cleaners.

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Compact, Powerful JM-1000™ Water Jet Tackles Tough Job For Widow Of Military Veteran


Four hours of snaking couldn’t clear a kitchen clog.

The local VA’s maintenance man would run the cable. The sink would drain and then back up again.

That’s when owner Jeff Hankins of Steve’s Service Plumbing in Nampa, Idaho, arrived with a JM-1000 Mini-Jet™ from General Pipe Cleaners.

“It was a special job for the widow of a military veteran,” he recalls. “And I refused leave until we cleared the obstruction for her – permanently.”

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Ask the Drain Brains: How to repair a broken drain snake


Question: My guys keep breaking drain snakes and I don’t why, nor do I have the welding equipment or the expertise to repair them. What can I do?

Answer: First, make sure your guys are using your drain cleaning machines in the right size lines. Nothing will wear out a cable faster than trying to use it in the wrong size pipe.

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General Water Jet Storms Through Big-Line Blockages, Helping Ohio Pro Boost Business

typhoonFor the biggest, meanest drain cleaning jobs in Columbus, Ohio, locals trust Ron Zimmerman, owner of R&B Sewer & Drain.

R&B subcontracts drain cleaning services to nearly 30 plumbing professionals within 100 miles of Ohio’s capital, and they routinely tap R&B for their most challenging drain cleaning emergencies

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Taking a Better Look At General’s Gen-Eye SD Series







At this year’s Water  and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment  and Transport Show,  the world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals, General Pipe Cleaners spoke with COLE Publishing about its new Gen-Eye SD series of video inspection and location systems. The Gen-Eye SD series offers all the features of a full-size camera system in a compact, portable package. Products in the series include the Gen-Eye SDNGen-Eye SDW and Gen-Eye SDP Premium.

To learn more about this versatile and innovative video inspection series, watch the interview and demonstration with General’s Marty Silverman here.

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Tackle Tough Holiday Grease Clogs with a Water Jet


Q. The holidays are about family and good food. However, drain cleaning proffesionals know that all that great holiday cooking inevitably leads to major grease clogs. So, what is the best drain cleaning tool for clearing lines fast and getting you back to your loved ones?

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JM-3080 Water Jet from General Pipe Cleaners Solves a Dam Tough Problem


Blockage of a critical 5-inch overflow pipe beneath a large, artificial lake at Dospat Dam, Bulgaria, posed extreme danger to dam wall integrity — risking catastrophic failure.

Over 50 years of hardened sediment and debris had accumulated. Drainage was reduced to a trickle. Construction of a new removal conduit proved unfeasible.

The remote setting also eliminated heavy cleaning equipment from consideration, and the 460-foot line descended over a 2.5-percent grade from 157 feet beneath the dam wall through four tight bends to its terminus, rendering clearout extremely difficult.

That’s when Double D Engineering Ltd., European specialists in industrial cleaning technologies and services, stepped in with an outside-the-box idea.

“Economics and facility condition forced us to work with the existing pipeline,” Dimiter Dimitrov, company manager, noted. “So, we opted for a compact, portable water jet solution.”

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General’s Innovative Kinetic Water Ram Gives Plumber the Competitive Edge

A clogged kitchen sink at a church prompted a routine call for drain cleaning help.

That’s when local plumbing professional Sylvan Tieger rode to the rescue – with something different.

With nearly five decades as a plumber, including three years of US Navy service, Tieger offers a full range of plumbing, drain cleaning, fire suppression and emergency services to the New York City area’s commercial, residential and institutional markets.

He also prides himself on getting to the root of his customers’ problems. And he quickly discovered more serious trouble – the total stoppage of a 4-inch stack.

“The 4-inch soil line was blocked below the church’s kitchen sink on the main floor,” Tieger recalled. “So, the sink was receiving discharges from five floors above.”

That allowed waste to fill the sink every time a fixture above was used. “It looked like a soft stoppage, and a cable machine probably wouldn’t have worked,” he added. “That’s when I decided to test the power of my Kinetic Water Ram.”

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