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Avoid a Chain of Mistakes with Preventative Maintenance

“When we make one mistake we end up making two!” My high school basketball coach used to scream this as we ran “gassers” to the point of exhaustion during marathon practice sessions. Like much of his pithy wisdom, this took … Continue reading

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How to solve stubborn toilet and urinal problems

Q: What’s the best tool to use to clear clogs in toilets that clog constantly when a plunger won’t work? A: The best tool for clearing a clogged toilet is the closet auger. No other drain cleaning tool will go through the … Continue reading

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When the holidays lead to grease clog emergencies

Q. It happens every holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever – people cook the turkey, pour the grease down the drain, then call me when the grease clogs the line. What drain cleaning tool would you recommend that will clear … Continue reading

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Make Money Fast Thawing Frozen Pipes

When the weather turns really cold, pipe thawing season turns red hot!  When the inevitable flood of service calls for frozen pipes comes, be sure you have a pipe thawing machine on hand. No matter how well homeowners think they … Continue reading

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Uptick in Home Sales Great for Sewer Inspection Business

The housing industry is beginning to see increased sales of both new and previously owned homes.  This market segment can be a great source of business for professional plumbers looking for more than just construction income. Whether it’s a new … Continue reading

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Trouble Shooting Water Jets

Water jets are a great way to clear grease clogged lines. If your jet is no longer doing maintaining pressure, follow these trouble shooting tips to get it back on the right track: Make sure you have enough water. The … Continue reading

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