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Seven Tips for Approaching Safety Like a Sea Captain

Here’s an interesting safety tip courtesy of an unexpected source: actor, Tom Hanks. Hanks was recently interviewed about his role in “Captain Phillips,” the true story of a kidnapped sea captain. He recalled what he learned from the real Captain … Continue reading

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The Clean Water Act: One of the Best Things to Happen to the Drain Cleaning Industry

When we force ourselves to think about EPA regulations, we tend to imagine a bureaucratic swamp of Okefenokee dimensions, calculated to suck the entrepreneurial spirit out of independent contractors like plumbers and drain cleaning professionals. And yet, the Environment Protection … Continue reading

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15 safety tips you should know before using your drain cleaning machine

A horror story A man tells his helper to put a drain cleaning machine in a ditch filled with water. The frayed extension cord lies across the wet ground. The helper, wearing rubber boots, tries to use the machine but … Continue reading

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