National Plumber’s Day

Speedrooter92~InUseApril 25th is set aside each year to honor plumbers. Often plumbers don’t receive the credit and fame that they deserve. In fact, the most famous plumbers are the Super Mario Brothers – and they live in a Nintendo game!

The reality is that without plumbers, our world would be far from sanitary or pleasant. Plumbers do much more than fix leaky faucets – it’s plumbers who install the miles of piping that make hot, cold and process water and gas utilities possible. It’s plumbers who get their hands, or rather work gloves, dirty unclogging drains, toilets, vents and sewer lines.

Using a little research combined with our knowledge of the profession, we’ve put together a list of seven fun facts about plumbing that you can share with your team, family or customers:

  1. It’s because of a plumber that the Chicago River is dyed green every St. Patrick’s Day. The river was first turned green in 1962 using plumbing dye for detecting leaks. (more of that story here)
  2. The ancient Egyptians had plumbing systems. Archaeologists have found lavatories inside tombs, as well, in case the mummified inhabitants needed a little relief. (more on that here)
  3. In 2012, there were approximately 386,900 plumbers working in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  4. Toilets have saved more lives than any other invention.
  5. Thomas Crapper did not actually invent the toilet. Sir John Harrington actually invented the first flush toilet. (more on that here)
  6. Thomas Crapper owned his own plumbing shop in London by the time he was 25 and was awarded nine patents for plumbing innovations during his lifetime, three of them consisting of improvements to the flushing toilet.
  7. Plumbers installed 2,500 toilets and 2,500 sinks in the Empire State Building. The building also has 70 miles of pipe (more on that here).

We salute the ones who keep everything flowing, and not overflowing.

We’re proud to be your partner for all of your drain cleaning needs!

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