Four Generations Count on General Power Drain Cleaners

Four generations of Ohio plumbers count on reliable General power drain cleaners.

Plumbing runs in John Comerford Jr’s blood. His grandfather and father were plumbers. So were two brothers. Now one of his sons is, too.

“Our name is on our businesses,” Comerford said. “No one in my family has disgraced it yet – and I’m not going to be the first!”

Since 1978, Comerford Plumbing has forged a reputation for the highest standards of professional service at reasonable rates in the suburbs west of Cleveland.

“We concentrate on basic residential work – drain cleaning and faucet fixing,” John added. “Bathrooms and kitchens have kept me very busy for three decades!”

The key to success, he claims, is simple: “don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in your own home – and choose the right tools for the job.”

That’s why four generations of Comerford plumbing professionals have trusted tough, reliable drain cleaners from General Pipe Cleaners.

More than 30 Years of Super-Vee Reliability

“My father used a Handylectric™, and I started with a used Super-Vee™ – also from my dad,” he recalled. “As the commercial says, ‘don’t leave home without it’!”

In fact, Comerford has owned four Super-Vee power drain cleaners since 1978.

The hand-held Super-Vee easily unclogs sink, shower, toilet and laundry drain lines up to 3 inches in diameter. With a dependable motor, durable aluminum drum and tough Flexicore® cable, Super-Vee withstands the most demanding small line jobs – and keeps working.

General’s heavy duty Flexicore cable offers superior kinking resistance and unequalled strength with the right amount of flexibility. It’s so tough that it carries the best warranty in the business – one-year protection against breakage.

“None of my Super-Vees ever went bad,” he laughed. “The motors never wore out. They just got kinda beat up from all the abuse I put them through. And I thought I deserved nice clean new ones!”

Keeps on Ticking

Replacement never stopped any of Comerford’s older Super-Vees from working, either.

“I simply gave one to my son – and sold another to a plumber friend of mine,” he explained.

The Super-Vee automatically adjusts to 1/4- or 3/8-inch diameter cable – no special tools or parts required. A slide-action chuck built into the front grip shield also engages and releases the cable with a quick push or pull – even while cable is rotating.

“I prefer the hands-on feel of Super-Vee,” Comerford said. “You just push in a little at a time – then lock-in the cable when you really need it.”

Easy Cleaning & Dependable Service

Convenient, quick-change cartridges of General’s Super-Vee also make messy cable switching clean and easy.

“It works great,” Comerford contended. “I easily use it five or six times a week – maybe even more.”

He explained that he even employs it preventatively,“On new sinks, I’ll snake the drains with my Super-Vee – just to make sure they’re clear of debris and everything’s working well.”

Comerford also said he’s retrieved some pretty surprising things with his Super-Vee.

“Drain cleaning can be pretty messy, and you expect to see some nasty stuff,” he admited. “But imagine my surprise when my Super-Vee™ once snaked a Batman toy from a line. I still don’t know how I did it!”

“Super-Vee is very easy to use,” Comerford concluded. “It’s well worth the money, and I tell everybody that it’s my preferred tool for small-line jobs!”

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