Gen-Eye Shows Why Clogged Sewer Line Drove Homeowner Batty

The sewer line of a Tallahassee residential property suffered constant clogging. And repeated snaking failed to break the blockage.

That’s when the professionals at McNeill Plumbing arrived – with their Gen-Eye® video inspection equipment from General Pipe Cleaners.

For 35 years, family-owned McNeill Plumbing forged a matchless reputation for competence, dependability, excellence, honesty and 100% customer satisfaction throughout the greater Tallahassee, Florida area.

“We are the largest PURE plumber in Tallahassee,” Special Projects Manager Keith Walker noted. “If there is a problem we can handle it – anytime, any day!”

Camera System Quickly Spots The Problem

But that often starts with pinpointing problems. And that’s why McNeill Plumbing’s equipment arsenal sports several Gen-Eye video inspection systems.

645_4227672Running the camera between street and house clean-outs, McNeill’s crew rapidly traced the true trouble: A baseball bat in the line!

“It was obvious that someone intentionally put it there,” Walker recalled. “The Gen-Eye image was so sharp that we could clearly read the logo on the bat itself!”

Gen-Eye systems offer plumbing and drain cleaning professionals everything necessary to trouble-shoot 2- through 10-inch lines, including:

  • On-Screen Distance Counter
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Voice Over Unit
  • Built-in Titler
  • AC/DC power option

Systems include a self-leveling color camera that automatically keeps pictures right side up, letting professionals and customers clearly follow the action as the camera glides through the line.

Gen-Eye Accuracy Aids Problem Removal

McNeill’s professional crew then faced two options: dig down 9 feet to retrieve baseball bat – or use the camera, somehow, to help remove it.

Keith Walker chose the second, less “disruptive” path.

“Using some wire and rope, I was able to make a loop and – with our Gen-Eye guiding me – slide it over the baseball bat,” he said.

The tedious procedure worked and Walker’s ingenuity spared the property owner considerable cost and inconvenience.

“Thanks to good Gen-Eye camera equipment, we were able to extract baseball bat from the sewer without digging up the front yard!”

Key To The Professional’s Equipment Mix

“The model we used on that particular job was a Gen-Eye GL,” Walker said. “And we’ve relied on Gen-Eye systems since their introduction. In fact, we just bought another – a Gen-Eye SDN.”

Weighing only 12 pounds, the versatile, rugged Gen-Eye SDN offers all the features of full-size video inspection systems in a compact, lightweight package. Use the docking arm to mount it on a full size reel to troubleshoot 3- to 10-inch lines – or on a mini-reel for 2- to 4-inch lines.

Part of the popular “SD” family, Gen-Eye SDN enhancements include a:

  • Larger, 10.4-inch LCD screen,
  • Built-in waterproof keyboard
  • Integral SD recorder
  • All in a new, heavy-duty Pelican case.

The SD Card Reader stores video or still images, a 1 GB card recording approximately two hours of video. The generous 10.4-inch LCD color monitor provides crisp, clear pictures. And the full-size, waterproof keyboard permits nine pages of on-screen titling.

General also offers the Gen-Eye SDW with Wi-Fi inside that sends video to a smartphone or tablet.

Versatility Meets Business Needs

Another big part of McNeill Plumbing’s business is underground natural gas piping.

“We’re number one in Tallahassee residential gas pipeline installation,” Walker remarked. “That’s why we also added a new Hot-Spot digital pipe locator from General.”

GeneralGenEyeHotSpotActionSuperb for all plumbing and drain-cleaning needs, versatile Hot-Spot eliminates guess work when inspecting and tracing sewer and drain lines, septic tanks, active power lines and buried utilities.

No need to decipher numbers and bar graphs. No juggling multiple tracking screens. The simple, menu-based interface makes Hot-Spot simpler to use than other locators.

Common workplace abuse can’t compromise General’s tough tool, either. Rated at IP65, Hot-Spot is dust-proof, and dirt and water-resistant. It aced the one-meter drop test. And its screen passed the 18-inch steel ball drop test.

Hot-Spot also offers superior battery life – more than twice that of competitive locators. The automatic shutdown feature saves power. And the USB port lets users upgrade software – or grab screen captures.

The Bottom Line

With Gen-Eye and Hot-Spot inspection and locating equipment, McNeill Plumbing’s excellent professional image is batting 1000%.

And Keith Walker likes the results. “We are sold on – and have always used – General equipment!”

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