3 Plumbing Tool Trends

How can we make our customers’ day-to-day life easier, more efficient and more productive?

When plumbing tool manufacturers are developing the next great tool—that is the question they are looking to answer.

Today’s plumbing contractors have several tools at their disposal that can make their days easier and more productive—allowing them to quickly diagnose a customer’s problem and move on to the next customer, leaving a happy customer behind.

Here are a few of today’s must-haves:

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1. Cameras for diagnosing and locating problems in lines. Of course cameras have been around for a while, but today’s cameras are smaller and more durable to make pipe inspection and troubleshooting hassle free.

When an inspection camera goes around a pipe bend and flips over, the upside-down image on the monitor can be annoying. The latest self-leveling cameras avoid contractors having to explain to customers why the water is suddenly on the top of the monitor screen. The self-leveling camera head ‘floats’ inside its stainless steel casing, so gravity always keeps it level.

2. Compact and portable equipment. Customers are demanding camera inspection systems, as well as other tools, that are compact, self-contained and portable. All-in-one tools that are lightweight and easily maneuverable provide the versatility to be pulled on and off a service truck and used on a variety of jobsites.

GeneralGenEyeHotSpotAction3. Easy-to-use locating equipment. When a problem is discovered with a camera, a locator is often needed to pinpoint the exact location of the camera. If the camera’s location is unknown, it won’t do the contractor much good until it is known. Today’s locators are much easier to use than yesterday’s confusing analog versions that required guesswork and interpretation of data.

Manufacturers have developed digital locating equipment that leads the technician right to the target with pinpoint accuracy. Gone are the days of swinging and waving the locator and deciphering sounds. The latest locators have arrows that point to the right direction every time, and then confirm that the location is correct—ultimately to make the contractor’s job easier and more productive.

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  1. Tara Allen says:

    Wow, that is very convenient that you can get special equipment to will allow you to determine where pipes are located underground. I am impressed at the technology we have today that make something that could have taken hours, simply take a few minutes. The pipe locator seems to be a great tool that is so compact and really easy to use. Thank you for sharing!

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