Conquer Tough Grease Stoppages with Water Power

For tough blockages that can’t be cleared with a cable drain cleaning machine, water jetters can save the day.

In the past, cable machines were the only option available. They do a great job of cutting roots and debris, as well as removing objects from drains, but certain types of stoppages can’t be cleared with a cable. The primary type of stoppage that cable machines struggle with is grease.

The cable goes in and whips around, but it can’t clear the grease up. Because the grease will close back up behind the cable, grease clogs are called self-healing stoppages.

Vibra-Pulse provides greater nozzle thrust for jetting around tight bends and down long lines.

Vibra-Pulse provides greater nozzle thrust for jetting around tight bends and down long lines.

Water Power

Self-healing stoppages are not a problem for water jetters. Jets use high-pressure water to flush drain lines clean. The high-pressure water cuts grease right off of pipe walls, clears sand out of lines and tackles the toughest ice clogs.

Cables can’t remove grease from pipe walls, cut through ice or grab ahold of sand. The power of water at high speeds can melt ice; it can even be cold water. Cold water moving at four gallons-per-minute can melt ice at about one foot-per-minute.

What to Look For

If you’re looking to add a water jetter to your drain-cleaning arsenal, there are a few things to consider.

Consider first the types of lines you’ll be clearing. How long are the pipes and what are their diameters? Longer lines and wider pipes require more pressure, so the water will require a higher-powered jet.

You’ll also want to consider where the drains will most likely be located. Will they mostly be inside or outside? If you expect to handle mostly indoor drains, electric jets are a better choice, but they will limit you on pressure and flow rate.

Gas-powered jets are best suited for outdoor use and offer more power. For high power and indoor use capabilities, get a separate host reel for a gas jet that can keep the fumes outside while allowing you to use more power for inside drains.

Jetters have operated using the same technology for many years, but pumps and nozzles used with them continue to improve. More rugged designs mean that your jetter accessories will work for you for much longer. High-efficiency nozzles make jetting more efficient as well.

Of course, if you aren’t sure which water jetter is best for your business, the Drain Brains are happy to help you out!

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