Water Jet Accessories: Types of Nozzles

When it comes to clearing clogs with a water jet, there’s a nozzle for every job. Some nozzles are designed with maximum penetrating power, some are designed to pressure wash pipe walls and others are designed to handle tight bends.

At General, we make our nozzles from hardened steel, so they last longer.

Below are popular types of nozzles for jetting.

1. Penetrating nozzles cut through grease and ice, often with a forward jet.


2. Flushing nozzles use a wide-spray to clean the inside of the pipe.

Wide-spray Nozzle

3. Spring leader nozzles guide the hose around tight bends and P-traps.

Spring Leader Nozzle

4. Downhead nozzles guide the hose down Tee’s and around difficult corners.

Downhead Nozzle

5. Rotary nozzles have jets that scour pipe and drive the hose down the line, combining thrust and cleaning action.

Rotary Nozzle

6. Chain saw nozzles rip through roots with lengths of chain.

Chain Saw Nozzle

Other types of high-performance nozzles for trailer jets can step up your jetting game without the need for increasing water flow or pressure. Instead of letting water churn around until it finds a way out through any opening, high-performance nozzles efficiently redirect water through inner-surface channels. These nozzles include chisel-point, traction and cleaning nozzles.

Need help selecting a nozzle, check out http://www.drainbrain.com/jets/access/nozzles.html, or contact the Drain Brains at 800-245-6200.

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  1. Cool post – it is rare to find some detailed industry information. We utilize high pressure water jetting machines ourselves in our day to day business and appreciate the details in this article. It explains the tech stuff in a straightforward manner – many thanks!

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