Uptick in Home Sales Great for Sewer Inspection Business

The housing industry is beginning to see increased sales of both new and previously owned homes.  This market segment can be a great source of business for professional plumbers looking for more than just construction income. Whether it’s a new home, and especially when it’s a resale of an older home, many homeowners are seeking to inspect their home’s sewer system prior to purchase. 

Finding a problem before the sale closes is the key.  New homes can have debris flushed down the line by the contractor or landscaper, while older homes can have collapsing sewer lines costing buyer thousands of dollars. If you have the right tools for the job, you can create a great business opportunity to do a qualified professional video pipe inspection of a home buyer’s property.  With General’s Gen-Eye video pipe inspection and location system, you can inspect the waste lines, document any problems, trace and mark the line location, and provide a video of the inspection for the homeowner or the insurance company.  In addition, you’re there to offer estimates and suggest repairs for potential problems you discovered during the sewer inspection.

One way you can build your sewer inspection business is by sending a flyer to several local real estate companies who have access to home buyers.  Providing them with a fixed rate for a sewer inspection will provide you with some extra income and start to build your reputation with local home owners in your business area.  Offering a quality sewer inspection at a competitive price is a great way to get future business as well as referrals from their friends and family.

Our Gen-Eye video inspection system can help ensure that you’ll be out front with this growing market for your services.  And as the housing market continues to recover, you will have a growing business in the sewer inspection field for the residential and commercial real estate markets.  Find out more about our Gen-Eye Family of products for your sewer and pipe inspection needs.


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