6 Tips for “Spring Cleaning” Your Drain Cleaning Equipment

Now is the perfect time to give your drain cleaning equipment a once- (or twice-) over to make sure it’s all in good working order.

Regular preventative maintenance should be performed to prevent problems. Here is a general maintenance checklist for your equipment:

  1. Check for damaged power cords, pulled out strain reliefs, damaged switches and missing ground prongs. Repair or replace if necessary.
  2. Check drum belt for wear and replace any missing belt guards. Safety should be your first concern.
  3. Inspect the drain cable for kinks or damage. Repair or replace as needed.
  4. Oil the cable. A lubricated cable will last longer and slide though the feed easier.
  5. Inspect and clean the power cable feed. Replace feed rollers if they do not turn freely.
  6. Expose, clean and lubricate all bushings, bearings and moving parts (this should be done at least twice a year.) A well lubricated machine will last longer and is less likely to break down in the middle of a job.

Taking care of your equipment protects your investment and avoids many headaches down the road. Be sure to follow all of the recommended maintenance specific to your equipment that may not be on this list and always wear safety gear, including leather gloves, when using your drain cleaning machine.

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4 Responses to 6 Tips for “Spring Cleaning” Your Drain Cleaning Equipment

  1. Charles Kemp says:

    I am glad that you mention checking all the different parts that could be the problem. Sometimes we think something needs professional help when really we just need to fix something small. It would be helpful to have the plumbers there for big problems.

  2. www.Hacksgen.org says:

    This actually replied my problem, thank you!

  3. A friend of mine just purchased some drain equipment, and he has no idea how to take care of it. I think it’s interesting that you should oil the cables to help it last longer. I’m sure that he wouldn’t want to have his new toy be broken quickly.

  4. John Ferrell says:

    When I was trying to clean out my drains, I didn’t realize that my tools were broken. I had to contact a professional to come and help me. So, what you said about taking care of your equipment, I think, is so true.

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