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How to Protect Your Inspection Camera Equipment from Costly Mistakes

So, picture this: you’re kneeling in wet grass next to a clean out and shoving your Gen-Eye pipe inspection system slowly down into the drain. The push rod is stiff, but slippery, and it is just flexible enough to permit … Continue reading

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Ask the Drain Brains: How to repair a broken drain snake

Question: My guys keep breaking drain snakes and I don’t why, nor do I have the welding equipment or the expertise to repair them. What can I do? Answer: First, make sure your guys are using your drain cleaning machines … Continue reading

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How to Replace an AutoCut Cutter Wheel

We sometimes like to address questions the Drain Brains at General often get asked. Today, we answer the question: How can I replace an AutoCut cutter wheel? The answer: Connect with the Drain Brains Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – … Continue reading

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6 Tips for “Spring Cleaning” Your Drain Cleaning Equipment

Now is the perfect time to give your drain cleaning equipment a once- (or twice-) over to make sure it’s all in good working order. Regular preventative maintenance should be performed to prevent problems. Here is a general maintenance checklist … Continue reading

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General Pipe Cleaners: A Family Business

Unclogging a sewer or drain is no easy task. Here at General Pipe Cleaners we make the toughest drain cleaners in the business. We have been making drain cleaners since 1930, and we make it our job to continually improve … Continue reading

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Trouble Shooting Water Jets

Water jets are a great way to clear grease clogged lines. If your jet is no longer doing maintaining pressure, follow these trouble shooting tips to get it back on the right track: Make sure you have enough water. The … Continue reading

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