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Gen-Eye Shows Why Clogged Sewer Line Drove Homeowner Batty

The sewer line of a Tallahassee residential property suffered constant clogging. And repeated snaking failed to break the blockage. That’s when the professionals at McNeill Plumbing arrived – with their Gen-Eye® video inspection equipment from General Pipe Cleaners. For 35 … Continue reading

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The Clean Water Act: One of the Best Things to Happen to the Drain Cleaning Industry

When we force ourselves to think about EPA regulations, we tend to imagine a bureaucratic swamp of Okefenokee dimensions, calculated to suck the entrepreneurial spirit out of independent contractors like plumbers and drain cleaning professionals. And yet, the Environment Protection … Continue reading

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3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Sewer Inspection Camera

  1. Why should I buy a sewer inspection camera? For the answer to this question, just ask George Bauer of Bauer Plumbing. “You won’t believe how many jobs I’ve sold with my camera,” George boasted. “People think you’re trying … Continue reading

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