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Pilot Your Drain Cleaning Safety

Prior to taking off, the pilot and flight crew of an aircraft complete a preflight checklist. This list of tasks improves flight safety by ensuring that no important steps or issues are overlooked. Failure to correctly conduct the preflight check … Continue reading

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Avoid a Chain of Mistakes with Preventative Maintenance

“When we make one mistake we end up making two!” My high school basketball coach used to scream this as we ran “gassers” to the point of exhaustion during marathon practice sessions. Like much of his pithy wisdom, this took … Continue reading

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Trouble Shooting Water Jets

Water jets are a great way to clear grease clogged lines. If your jet is no longer doing maintaining pressure, follow these trouble shooting tips to get it back on the right track: Make sure you have enough water. The … Continue reading

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Drum-type drain cleaners vs. Sectional drain cleaning machines. What’s the difference?

Q. We use a large drum-type drain cleaner to clear tree roots. But my buddy swears by his sectional machine to do the same job. What’s the difference? And which one is better? A.  Heavy duty machines with large diameter … Continue reading

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