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The Call for Infrastructure Updates in the Plumbing World

Much to my wife’s embarrassment, I love talking about sewers. I love telling people that five thousand years ago, the ancient Indus River civilization, the Sumerians and Egyptians all had flush toilets. I love quoting physicians and health officials who … Continue reading

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Two Most Common Causes of Inspection Camera Problems

Picture this: You’re kneeling in wet grass next to a clean out, shoving your Gen-Eye pipe inspection system slowly down into the drain. The push rod is stiff but slippery; just flexible enough to permit you to negotiate the 90-degree … Continue reading

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The Right Tools for the Right Results

Reputation, reliability and results mean a lot to Vincent “Vinnie” MacDonald’s Boston-area drain cleaning business. So do the right tools. “We tackle really tough jobs no one can handle,” the Rooter-Man franchisee said. “Customers know that we combine first-rate talent … Continue reading

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10 steps to easier camera locating

Camera and pipe locating can be very intimidating. However, with the right equipment and a bit of practice, you will find that it can become much easier. Here are step-by-step basics to help you develop your locating technique. 1. Turn … Continue reading

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Snakes in the Bathroom!

Imagine this: You walk into the restroom only to find a snake peeking its head out of the toilet! That’s what happened at a commercial office building recently. Luckily for the building owner, they called James Capelli, a plumbing contractor, … Continue reading

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